Coordinating Patterns and Prints

If you enjoy using patterns, prints and stripes in the same room, be careful that you don’t carry it too far. You might have chosen a formal pinstriped wallpaper for your room (yes, wallpapers are getting trendy again). These are the colors that should be found in all the rest of your fabrics, but don’t use any more stripes on your upholstery.

Background colors should remain the same, whether they are white, cream, ivory, beige, or even navy blue or gray! If the colors in your pinstripe are red, brown, and a sandy gray, look for a large, leafy print in fall colors including red, green, and brown…on that grayish background, for your sofa. The easy chair might use a small floral, utilizing the same color scheme.

Wider stripes or solids in any of those colors will be lovely on throw pillows or afghans. Area rugs and those decorative pillows can introduce new textures, rather than more prints and patterns.

The main thing to remember is to not introduce a bunch of new colors in each of your fabrics. The background color should really be your neutral and remain constant. Then choose two or three colors that will appear in all patterns, prints or stripes. If there is a tiny bit of another color introduced in the print, ignore it by drawing out the main colors with your accessorizing. Lamps, flower arrangements, picture frames, candles, etc., will accent those main colors that you have chosen. And don’t forget to use a touch of black in your room somewhere!