Hardwood flooring

What we once thought about hardwood is quickly changing. It seems that innovative methods and materials are making the possibility of installing hardwood in places they weren’t allowed before a reality. In fact, more and more homeowners are remodeling their bathrooms, kitchens, and basements using hardwood, something that was unheard of until recently. This new option is quickly revolutionizing the design industry and providing designers and their clientele with more options than ever.

Some of you may be asking – what has changed? The answer is actually rather simple; matte polyurethane. A few coats of these material and voila, your hardwood flooring, walls, and cabinets are officially resistant to water damage. Now, while hardwoods will never become 100 percent resistant, the staining and damage that splashes of water once caused, are no longer the same threat. The best part is that the matte polyurethane provides a beautiful finish as well, by enhancing the wood’s natural finish, instead of giving it a high-gloss look.

But just how are people using it in their new homes? Good question! Indianapolis kitchen and interior designer Janice Pattee just finished designing a walnut countertop for one of her client’s kitchen. While Mark T. White of Kitchen Encounters in Annapolis just completed a circular expansion to a stone countertop utilizing nothing but hardwood. It seems that homeowners all throughout the nation are taking advantage of this new phenomenon. Take for example, New York City interior designer John A. Buscarello, who has recently been showing off the wood-enhanced basement modification he just finished in a gorgeous home in Long Island.

So from bathroom floors to kitchen countertops, it looks like homeowners are really taking advantage of this new revelation, especially those who have decided to remodel their new home. Make sure that you ask your designer or contractor about the possibility of using hardwood in these new areas; the design choices will be endless. Remember that the best time to have the hardwood installed is before the movers arrive, it will make installing it much easier.