Natural Fabrics Curtains

When choosing the curtains for your home, your first thought is likely to be that of beauty-you will want attractive curtains that both match and set off the look and feel of the room. Linen curtains are the perfect choice for any room, but organic linen curtains are an especially good choice for many reasons.

Linen is a beautiful fabric. From the look of the weave to the way that light passes through it, it speaks of elegance and time honored tradition. In fact, the tradition of linen weaving goes back thousands of years, and it can be said that when things aren’t good, they are quickly replaced by something better.

There is nothing better than linen for longevity. Its beauty is not diminished by the fact that it is a hard wearing and long lasting fabric. It washes well and its care is easy.

Though linen is a good choice, organic linen is an even better choice. The chemicals involved in growing the flax for linen in the conventional way can be damaging both to the environment. Fertilizers can cause the overgrowth of algae on waterways, and upset the balance of other plants.

Pesticides may kill the predators of the plant, but also may kill beneficial animals, either directly or indirectly. Pesticides can lead to an upset to the balance of the food chain by killing an entire level-for instance all of the insects in the area, leaving some animals further up the food chain without their primary food source. The risk of pollution in other ways is great too, thanks to the many toxins that are used in conventional farming methods when growing flax.

There is nothing to be lost by choosing organic linen, and everything to be gained. It is just as hard wearing and equally beautiful in its natural form when compared to conventional linen, yet without the many drawbacks of conventional fabric.

Compared to other fabrics too, organic linen is an amazing choice. Chemicals are often added to other fabrics in order to make them look their best during storage and when on display in a shop. These chemicals include carcinogens like formaldehyde that may linger on the fabric for a long time, drawing our your exposure to it.

Linen is very flexible in the way that it can be used. Your linen curtains can be single layer, allowing the sunlight to pass through, so illustrating the beautiful weave. They can be lined to keep sunlight out, but also to insulate against heat too. This works both ways-it keeps warmth inside a house on a cold day, but the heat of summer out when needed too.

Your linen curtains will be an investment that will remain with you and continue to enhance your room and your home for a long time to come. Organic linen is the very best choice that you can make for your home. Linen too has many benefits, and will be sure to bring a warm, and comforting touch to your life.