The Modern Bedroom

A stark design, simple and clean lines, an image of the future – these are the elements that bedroom design in the contemporary style depend on. If you are looking for bedroom decorating ideas in the contemporary modern style, here are the basics that should get your creative juices pumping. The thing with going contemporary in bedrooms is that the styling tends to be so stark and minimalist that the comforting warmth you look for in a bedroom is rarely available to you. There is one thing you can do to remedy this though – in choosing a paint scheme for the contemporary bedroom, going with a really warm and bold color, you can bring quite a bit of character and even personality to your space. One question that comes up here is has to do with how many walls it would be best to decorate with a splash of color like this in a contemporary design. The size of the bedroom in question is usually what determines how much color you end up using. In a small bedroom, using one wall to accent the space should do. Contemporary bedroom decorating ideas for larger bedrooms will always recommend more than one wall in a bright color. With starkness as its design philosophy, most contemporary room decor comes with a tiled or hardwood floor prefering minimalism to anything warmer like carpeting. This is typically not a great idea for a bedroom. Even if you do want a contemporary look for your bedroom, you do want to bring in a certain amount of softness. The feeling of getting out of bed and stepping onto a cold hard floor may be something you won’t really come to appreciate. You could use some low pile carpeting and still remain in keeping with the contemporary theme though. Simple knotted carpets that are unobtrusive enough and do the job really well, and bring in a little color too. Lighting happens to be about the least-planned part of a bedroom most time. For bedroom decorating ideas in the contemporary style, designers often look to space age lamp designs – brushed metal, silvered glass and so on. In contemporary styles, traditional lampshades are hardly in keeping with the theme. The more you pick modern fixtures, the more fashionable your results will be. You could round out your contemporary bedroom with a really angular bed and use bedspreads with modern art or geometrical patterns on them. With a couple of modern sculptures laid out and a beautiful potted plant to one side, you could complete the look of your contemporary oasis of calm and quiet, and pat yourself on the back on a job well done.